Please read the following information before submitting an abstract:
  • Abstracts can be submitted for oral, poster or virtual presentation. Submission deadline: 28 September 2018 (for poster or virtual presentation). For more information about the differences among oral, poster or virtual presentations, please check the section: "Participation/Instructions"
  • Abstracts can be one-page long (at most) and must be prepared according to the guidelines provided in the template: Download abstract template
  • There is no limit in the number of authors per abstract. However, the presenting author(s) must ask for the co-authors' permission before submitting the abstract.
    Although abstracts based on previously published data can be accepted (especially from recent publications), please note that writing must differ from the one used in those works, so as to avoid violation of the rights of the copyright holder of such an abstract.
  • The author that will present the abstract at the conference as oral, poster or virtual presentation (presenting author), should be the author that will submit the abstract.
    There can be up to two presenting authors for each abstract. Correspondence will be made with the presenting author(s).

About abstract submission, presenting authors must also know that:
  • They must submit the abstract only once. They will be notified about the successful submission of the abstract immediately after submission.
    If they were unable to submit the abstract using the conference submission tool or if they did not receive the email of successful submission, they would have to contact the conference secretariat at
  • They will receive the notification of abstract acceptance/rejection about 10 days after submission.
  • If they had to submit a revised version of the abstract, this new version would have to be sent by email (as attached file) to and the old abstract would be replaced with the new one.
  • If they are submitting an abstract for oral presentation, as there will be many more abstracts submitted for oral presentation than available slots within the program, the Scientific Advisory Committee will select the most relevant abstracts to be presented orally at the Conference. This decision will be communicated as soon as possible (in any case, by 25 September 2018 at the latest). If the author needed a quick answer about the final presentation mode of his/her abstract, do not hesitate to contact the conference secretariat at
    Those abstracts that have not been selected to be presented orally can be presented as poster or virtual presentations.

About registration, presenting authors must know that:
  • They must register no later than 15 October 2018 to present the abstract at the conference. Registration is mandatory for ALL participants.
  • They must register under the full rate or student registration modes if they are going to attend the conference to present an oral or poster presentation, or they must register under the virtual registration mode if they are going to participate with a virtual presentation.
  • They can present a maximum of two (2) abstracts at the conference if they are registered under the full rate or student registration modes, or only one (1) abstract if they are registered under the virtual registration mode.
  • They must indicate the abstract(s) that they will present at the conference at the time of registering. Failure to do this may result in the no inclusion of the abstract(s) in the Book of abstracts and in the Conference scientific program.
  • They will get the ‚Äúcertificate(s) of presentation‚ÄĚ of only the abstract(s) that they will be presenting at the conference, although they may be co-authors of multiple abstracts.
  • More information on registration modes is available in the Registration section

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